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   Pre-Order Games  >   Global Domination

Global Domination
Global Domination
Larger Image
Product Name:Global Domination
Our Price:$39.99
Product Number:pn-32044
Product Weight:5 lb.

 Product Detail


The year is 2021.

Environmental upheavals, accelerated resource depletion, and escalating warfare have destabilized world politics past the point of no return. Political alliances have long since dissolved as each power block struggles for survival.

In this declining world, technological advancement has ground to a halt, while the world’s armed forces make do with the weapons available from bygone decades.

You enter this desperate struggle for survival as the leader of one of the six remaining factions.

Game Design

Global Domination uses the "deck Building" game mechanic used by some popular recent games like Dominion.

Deck building is very cool. It takes all the good and none of the bad from collectible card games. In a deck building game, you lay out the different types of cards on the table, and everyone starts with the same handful of cards. As the game plays, you get to select which cards on the table you wish to add to your individual deck, thus creating your own means of winning the game.

To add an additional decision point, deck building games might come with 20 card types in the box, but you randomly select 12 for any given game. Figuring out the best strategy based on the cards in play, and what your opponents are doing is the challenge.

Global Domination has an Axis and Allies level of difficulty, so it is easily playable by new people or experienced gamers. Each game lasts about 1 to 2 hours and supports 2 to 6 players.

The game also plays very intensely because a game only lasts 6 turns. This means that everyone knows they have to make each turn count.

You score points at the end of each of the 6 game turns, so game play is very intense.

Game Fiction

Well-known author and friend, Matt Forbeck has been kind enough to create the flavor text for the cards and the background story included in the rulebook. (

Game Art

Paul Hoefener has done an outstanding job creating the game’s retro science fiction look. (

Game Information

110 Full Color Cards
22” x 17” MOUNTED game map
2 Full Color Sheets of Counters

Pre-Order Price:

Normal Price:

Pre-Orders Recorded:
28 (out of 250 needed to go to print)

***Pre-Order Special Offer***

If you pre-order Global Domination through our web site, we’ll include 150 Doomsday markers with your order. You can use these markers instead of the cardboard counters included in the game.

Pre-Orders Recorded:
39 (out of 250 needed to go to print)

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