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   Pre-Order Games  >   Vendetta

Larger Image
Product Name:Vendetta
Our Price:$31.99
Product Number:pn-32034
Product Weight:2 lb.

 Product Detail

Hey! Look who’s here! Sit down, sit down! I gotta say a few things before they bring out the pasta. Have you ate here before? I know the owner. We go way back. Anyway, you’re a boss now, so there’s some things you gotta know or you’re gonna get yourself whacked. As you might have heard, the old man in charge of New York is, ah, gone. Ya know what I mean? So you, me, and our associates have gotta sort out who moves up the ladder. To move up, you gotta make a reputation so the other bosses fall in line. They ain’t gonna follow nobody who hasn’t gotten his hands dirty. Ah, wait a second, here comes the Spaghet…

…So, like I was sayin, you gotta smack around a few guys, earn their respect, and you’ll come out on top. Otherwise, well, it was nice knowing ya! Hey, pass the meatballs already. I’m starving over here!

Vendetta – New York Style is a card game for 2 to 6 players. Each player is a mob boss trying to take over the top spot in New York City. Vendetta is a low complexity “family” game. You can complete a game in 45-60 minutes, and the tone is very light and very socially interactive.

By taking control of different places and wise guys in the "Neighborhood", you’ll build up your power. By Whacking (destroying) the opposing places and people, you’ll weaken your opponents. If you’re good enough, you’ll be able to Whack one of their Bosses and win the game.

Here's the cool part of the game...

The cornerstone to the game is the "Vendetta" mechanic. If I take control of the local Delicatessen, I gain its income and card drawing ability. If you then come and Whack (destroy) the Deli, you weaken me.

But wait! - There's more!

When you Whack my Deli, you must give me some of your Vendetta counters. The specific number is noted on the Deli card. If I attack your places and wise guys in the future, I can spend your Vendetta counters to pump up my attack.

So, the more you Whack a player, the more bonuses they have in the future to Whack you back.

This does 2 cool things.

First, you get the "Grudge" and "Now it's personal" aspect of mob warfare.

Second, even if a player gets Whacked hard, he still has the resources to make a comeback. This means that until a player wins, everyone has a shot (pun intended) at winning.

The design came together very fast, and the artist, Jerry, is doing a great job of capturing the light feel we're going for.

110 Full Color Cards with very cool artwork
1 Full Color Counter Sheet
2 Custom Engraved Vendetta “Whack” Dice

Target Audience:
This game is perfect for both casual and hardcore gamers. This is also a great game to introduce your non-gaming friends and “family” to. Anyone who has seen the Godfather or Soprano’s will instantly relate to the game.

Own a Piece of the Neighborhood:
If you pre-order through our web site, you can have your name printed on the boxes, like normal. As a special bonus, for every 3 Vendetta games you pre-order, you can have your first or last name appear on one of the Neighborhood cards! (ie Dan’s Delicatessen, or Verssen’s Crew) This offer is limited to the first 50 people who pre-order 3 games. Disclaimer: As always, all names must be family friendly and we reserve the right to reject a name for replacement if we deem it inappropriate.

Pre-Order Price:

Normal Price:

Pre-Orders Recorded:
22 (out of 325 needed to go to print)

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