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Warfighter Rulebook

Cthulhu Conflict Box Back
Cthulhu Conflict Rulebook
Cthulhu Conflict Log Sheet

Phantom Leader Deluxe Rules
Phantom Leader Back Cover
Phantom Leader Log Sheet

Zombie Rules
Zombie Back of the Box
Zombie Video Tutorial
Game Play Video 1 of 3
Game Play Video 2 of 3
Game Play Video 3 of 3
Zombie Santa Card

Modern Naval Battles - Campaign Rules

Global Domination Rules

Wingmen Rules

TAL Rules
TAL Box Back
TAL Player Log
Superior Ordnance Crew Rules
Linked Campaign Rules
HL and TAL Co-Campaign Rules

Kill Shot Rules
Kill Shot Box

Battlefield Sheet
Napoleon Rulebook
Napoleon Player Log
Napoleon in Spanish
Napoleon Rules in French

U-Boat Rules 11/28/11
Tactical Sheet
Back of the Box
Player Log Sheet
U-Boat Rules Errata
U-Boat Optional Rules
U-Boat Optional Campaign Log
U-Boat Advanced-Optional Rules from Dave
U-Boat Rules in Spanish
U-Boat Log Sheet in Spanish

Stalingrad Rulebook
Stalingrad Box Back

Iraq 1991 Campaign
What's New?
Hornet Leader Rulebook
Hornet Leader Box Back
Hornet Leader Player Log
Hornet Component Organization
Hornet Pilot Reference Roster
Hornet Rules in French
Hornet Rules in Japanese
***BONUS*** Libya 2011 Campaign
***OPTIONAL*** Cruise Missile Strikes
***BONUS*** Egypt 2015 Campaign
***BONUS*** North Korea 2013
Superior Ordnance Crew Rules
HL and TAL Co-Campaign Rules

Back of Box

Sample Battle
Rules Draft

Rules Draft

Frontline Rules (Final) 12-02-09
Frontline AAR #1
Frontline Terrain/Range
Frontline AAR #2 - Tanks!
Frontline - Solitaire!
Frontline - Turn Variety
Frontline - Designer Notes #1
Frontline Back Cover
Frontline Errata
Frontline Rules In French!
Rules Help Packet

Sample Dogfight
Sample Campaign
Box Back
Player Log Sheet
Campaign Template
FAQ and Optional Rules
Invasion Poland Article by Roger Horky
Rules in French
Example in French
Rulebook in Russian
Rulebook in Japanese

Sample Game

Alexander Rules
Alexander Box Back
Alexander Rules in Spanish
Axleander Rulebook in Russian
Alexander Rules in French
Alexander Player Log in French
Alexander Player Log
Alexander -Fate- Player Log
Alexander Turn Log Sample
Alexander Turn Logs
Alexander Immortality Chronicles

Game Rules
Optional Rules
Battle Summary Forms
Rules in Spanish
Rules in French
Rules in Russian
Sample Game in Spanish
Player Log
Box Back - Names
D-Day Map
Ghost Division Map
Game Box
Rommel FAQ
Rommel After Action Reports

Game Rules
Rules in French
Rules in Spanish
Rules in Japanese
Box Back
Scenarios & AAR

Distribution Inquiries
About Vassal/PDF
About Our Company
Our Previous Games
Our Awards
Our Friends
Company Policies

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What are PDF Download Games?

This format downloads 8.5x11 formatted pages to your computer. You then print these pages on a printer to create your own tabletop games. This format in no way requires a computer. Once you print the pages and cut out the components, you can take the components anywhere and play it like a normal tabletop game.

What are Vassal Games?

This format is a computerized presentation that allows you to play the game entirely on your computer. All the materials, die rollers, and forms are included. This is great for people who want to play while on the road, or do not want to leave a game setup for extended periods of time. Vassal games will work even if your computer is not connected to the internet.

Getting Started with Vassal...

To get started, you will need to download the Vassal game. If you do not already have Java installed on your computer, you also need to download Java (its free!). Here is a link to download Java...

Download Java

Go to the page featuring the game you want to try, and download it. Games with a free demo will have a link to the demo copy.

The following instructions are based on what will happen when using Internet Explorer as your web browser.

Try running the game from the desktop icon. If it doesn't work, click here to go to the Java Website and download Java. You should now be able to open the game.

You should then see the splash screen for the game you have downloaded. Replace Newbie with the name that you want to be known as.

The game window will then open, and you are ready to go!

Non-Registered Users:

Some of our games come with a free demo. Even if you have not purchased the game, you can still download it and look through it. You will be able to see how the game is played, and even move the pieces around your screen. However, you will not be able to save your games, and your moves will not be seen by other players.

Once you have seen the game and had a chance to move the pieces around, you can purchase a game. We will then send you the Vassal module within 24-hours via

Try Now, Buy Later...

If you decide to download a game now, you can always buy it later. Go to to the product pages on this site, and purchase the game as normal.

Whether you decide to register or not, welcome to the world of online gaming. We have enjoyed helping to create it, and we look forward to meeting you!

-Dan Verssen, Dan Verssen Games (DVG)
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