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Player Submitted - Optional Rommel Rules

During attacks (Axis or Allied) the player draws the Battle Plans for the Allied forces first, then for the Axis after seeing what is drawn. I think a more realistic (and nail fog-of-war approach) would be to force the player to select the Axis Battle Plans first whenever Allied forces attack, then draw the Allied Battle Plans. During an Allied attack, if Intel is selected before drawing Allied Battle Plans, the first Allied Plan drawn is discarded. If the Allies draw an Intel plan after the discard, the Axis must discard one of their Plans before the battle. This helps negate the current effect of selecting an Intel Plan just to counteract one that came up in the Allied draw.

If you use this optional rule for a campaign, get +3vp.

- Walter M.

- - - - -

Rules for D-Day campaign are amended as follows:

1. During set-up, US and British forces are placed in separate cups.
2. When setting up the Initial Allied Operations forces, roll one die: 1-4 means this is a US Operation (draw three forces from the US cup), a 5-6 means this is a UK Operation (draw three forces from the UK cup).
3. Each additional force drawn into the Operations box will either be a US or UK force depending the type of Operation determined in step 2 above. EXCEPTION: If there are no forces remaining in the nationality's draw cup, a force is added from the other nationality's cup.
4. When GO is drawn, roll one die: For US forces 1-2 place force at Utah Beach, 3-6 place force at Omaha. For each UK force, 1-2 place force at Gold, 3-4 place force at Juno, 5-6 place force at Sword.
5. Thereafter, when starting the next Allied Operation, a 1-3 means US operation 4-6 is a UK Operation.
6. During re-supply, US forces are drawn for Utah/Omaha and UK forces for Gold/Juno/Sword. In this case, if the nationality's cup is empty, draw 2 supplies per missing force.
7. During the Allied player turn, US and UK forces may not willingly stack together. If forced to stack together (due to retreating from a failed attack, etc), the stack must be corrected by the next turn with the smallest force leaving first).
If you use this optional rule for a campaign, get +0vp.

- Robert F.
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