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Nimitz Rulebook
Nimitz Box Back

Warfighter Rulebook

Cthulhu Conflict Box Back
Cthulhu Conflict Rulebook
Cthulhu Conflict Log Sheet

Phantom Leader Deluxe Rules
Phantom Leader Back Cover
Phantom Leader Log Sheet

Zombie Rules
Zombie Back of the Box
Zombie Video Tutorial
Game Play Video 1 of 3
Game Play Video 2 of 3
Game Play Video 3 of 3
Zombie Santa Card

Modern Naval Battles - Campaign Rules

Global Domination Rules

Wingmen Rules

TAL Rules
TAL Box Back
TAL Player Log
Superior Ordnance Crew Rules
Linked Campaign Rules
HL and TAL Co-Campaign Rules

Kill Shot Rules
Kill Shot Box

Battlefield Sheet
Napoleon Rulebook
Napoleon Player Log
Napoleon in Spanish
Napoleon Rules in French

U-Boat Rules 11/28/11
Tactical Sheet
Back of the Box
Player Log Sheet
U-Boat Rules Errata
U-Boat Optional Rules
U-Boat Optional Campaign Log
U-Boat Advanced-Optional Rules from Dave
U-Boat Rules in Spanish
U-Boat Log Sheet in Spanish

Stalingrad Rulebook
Stalingrad Box Back

Iraq 1991 Campaign
What's New?
Hornet Leader Rulebook
Hornet Leader Box Back
Hornet Leader Player Log
Hornet Component Organization
Hornet Pilot Reference Roster
Hornet Rules in French
Hornet Rules in Japanese
***BONUS*** Libya 2011 Campaign
***OPTIONAL*** Cruise Missile Strikes
***BONUS*** Egypt 2015 Campaign
***BONUS*** North Korea 2013
Superior Ordnance Crew Rules
HL and TAL Co-Campaign Rules

Back of Box

Sample Battle
Rules Draft

Rules Draft

Frontline Rules (Final) 12-02-09
Frontline AAR #1
Frontline Terrain/Range
Frontline AAR #2 - Tanks!
Frontline - Solitaire!
Frontline - Turn Variety
Frontline - Designer Notes #1
Frontline Back Cover
Frontline Errata
Frontline Rules In French!
Rules Help Packet

Sample Dogfight
Sample Campaign
Box Back
Player Log Sheet
Campaign Template
FAQ and Optional Rules
Invasion Poland Article by Roger Horky
Rules in French
Example in French
Rulebook in Russian
Rulebook in Japanese

Sample Game

Alexander Rules
Alexander Box Back
Alexander Rules in Spanish
Axleander Rulebook in Russian
Alexander Rules in French
Alexander Player Log in French
Alexander Player Log
Alexander -Fate- Player Log
Alexander Turn Log Sample
Alexander Turn Logs
Alexander Immortality Chronicles

Game Rules
Optional Rules
Battle Summary Forms
Rules in Spanish
Rules in French
Rules in Russian
Sample Game in Spanish
Player Log
Box Back - Names
D-Day Map
Ghost Division Map
Game Box
Rommel FAQ
Rommel After Action Reports

Game Rules
Rules in French
Rules in Spanish
Rules in Japanese
Box Back
Scenarios & AAR

Distribution Inquiries
About Vassal/PDF
About Our Company
Our Previous Games
Our Awards
Our Friends
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Our pre-order games are in the design and development phase. Some design and component changes can occur during the development phase. We have started their artwork and as a game gains pre-orders, its design and artwork are moved toward completion.

Credit Card Pre-Orders:
When a pre-order is made, our system runs a charge to validate the credit card. It then cancels the charge. The charge will clear off your card in a couple days. You will be sent an email invoice confirming your pre-order. Once a game reaches the required number of preorders, we charge your credit card and send the game's art files to the printer.

Paypal Pre-Orders:
We have just added Paypal as a purchasing option for all our games. Due to the nature of Paypal fund transfers, your Paypal account will be charged when your pre-order is placed.

Other Information:
Our DVG email newsletters will included the latest pre-order numbers for each of the games to keep you up to date on their progress toward going to print.

You can log-on to your DVG store account at any time to check on the games you have ordered in the past, and the games you have on pre-order.

In general, printing takes 12 weeks, and then we start shipping the games.

Everyone who pre-orders a game receives the discounted preorder price. Once a game's status is changed from "Pre-Order" to "At The Printer", the full price applies.

If you enter an order that contains a mix of Pre-Order and non-Pre-Order items, the non-Pre-Order items wil be charged and shipped immediately. The Pre-Order items will not be charged until their status is changed to being Published.

What if your Credit Card Information Changes?
Log on to your account and change your CC info there. Our system will use that info for future orders. It will also use it for an existing pre-order if the credit card used at the time of the pre-order is declined.

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