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Nimitz Rulebook
Nimitz Box Back

Warfighter Rulebook

Cthulhu Conflict Box Back
Cthulhu Conflict Rulebook
Cthulhu Conflict Log Sheet

Phantom Leader Deluxe Rules
Phantom Leader Back Cover
Phantom Leader Log Sheet

Zombie Rules
Zombie Back of the Box
Zombie Video Tutorial
Game Play Video 1 of 3
Game Play Video 2 of 3
Game Play Video 3 of 3
Zombie Santa Card

Modern Naval Battles - Campaign Rules

Global Domination Rules

Wingmen Rules

TAL Rules
TAL Box Back
TAL Player Log
Superior Ordnance Crew Rules
Linked Campaign Rules
HL and TAL Co-Campaign Rules

Kill Shot Rules
Kill Shot Box

Battlefield Sheet
Napoleon Rulebook
Napoleon Player Log
Napoleon in Spanish
Napoleon Rules in French

U-Boat Rules 11/28/11
Tactical Sheet
Back of the Box
Player Log Sheet
U-Boat Rules Errata
U-Boat Optional Rules
U-Boat Optional Campaign Log
U-Boat Advanced-Optional Rules from Dave
U-Boat Rules in Spanish
U-Boat Log Sheet in Spanish

Stalingrad Rulebook
Stalingrad Box Back

Iraq 1991 Campaign
What's New?
Hornet Leader Rulebook
Hornet Leader Box Back
Hornet Leader Player Log
Hornet Component Organization
Hornet Pilot Reference Roster
Hornet Rules in French
Hornet Rules in Japanese
***BONUS*** Libya 2011 Campaign
***OPTIONAL*** Cruise Missile Strikes
***BONUS*** Egypt 2015 Campaign
***BONUS*** North Korea 2013
Superior Ordnance Crew Rules
HL and TAL Co-Campaign Rules

Back of Box

Sample Battle
Rules Draft

Rules Draft

Frontline Rules (Final) 12-02-09
Frontline AAR #1
Frontline Terrain/Range
Frontline AAR #2 - Tanks!
Frontline - Solitaire!
Frontline - Turn Variety
Frontline - Designer Notes #1
Frontline Back Cover
Frontline Errata
Frontline Rules In French!
Rules Help Packet

Sample Dogfight
Sample Campaign
Box Back
Player Log Sheet
Campaign Template
FAQ and Optional Rules
Invasion Poland Article by Roger Horky
Rules in French
Example in French
Rulebook in Russian
Rulebook in Japanese

Sample Game

Alexander Rules
Alexander Box Back
Alexander Rules in Spanish
Axleander Rulebook in Russian
Alexander Rules in French
Alexander Player Log in French
Alexander Player Log
Alexander -Fate- Player Log
Alexander Turn Log Sample
Alexander Turn Logs
Alexander Immortality Chronicles

Game Rules
Optional Rules
Battle Summary Forms
Rules in Spanish
Rules in French
Rules in Russian
Sample Game in Spanish
Player Log
Box Back - Names
D-Day Map
Ghost Division Map
Game Box
Rommel FAQ
Rommel After Action Reports

Game Rules
Rules in French
Rules in Spanish
Rules in Japanese
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Scenarios & AAR

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Welcome to Dan Verssen Games (DVG)

Rise of the Zombies - Poster
A large 18" x 24" poster for our Rise of the Zombies game!
Our Price $7.99

Deep Dish Counter Trays (5)
We have been playing games since the 80's. It was always annoying that the counter trays were so shallow, so we fixed that...
Our Price $14.99

Rise of the Zombies!
Rise of the Zombies is for 1 to 8 players.

A game lasts for 30 to 90 minutes. You'll start a timer at the start of the game. If you run out of time,...

Our Price $39.99

Miniatures for Thunderbolt-Apache Leader
The Thunderbolt-Apache Leader Miniatures Set provides you with 81 1/600th scale metal miniatures. The miniatures are...
Our Price $36.95

Hornet Leader - Cthulhu Expansion
The year is 2015… from the chill waters of the South Pacific, the long-fabled Island of R’lyeh home to The Great Cthulhu rises from the depths....
Our Price $29.99

Phantom Leader - Deluxe
Phantom Leader – Solitaire

What’s New in the Deluxe Edition?
We have expanded and updated the original...

Our Price $89.99

Modern Naval Battles - Campaign Expansion
Build a Modern War Fleet!
Carry-Out Vital Missions!
Lead your Nation to Victory on the High Seas!

The Campaign Expansion puts you in command of a...

Our Price $24.99

Down In Flames - Wingmen Expansion
The Down In Flames Wingmen Expansion includes Wingmen cards for all the Fighters appearing in Aces High and Guns Blazing.

Also included...

Our Price $34.99

Field Commander Rommel - Deluxe
Deluxe Edition: This edition of Rommel has the same content as our original game. The Deluxe version features mounted maps, extra thick counters, and a new taller...
Our Price $49.99

Kill Shot
Kill Shot is unlike any of our other games.

Kill Shot is ultra fast paced with each terrorist hunt taking only 1 or 2 minutes. An entire terrorist...

Our Price $24.99

Thunderbolt-Apache Leader
Thunderbolt-Apache Leader (TAL) puts you in the cockpits of the world’s best Close Air Support aircraft. In TAL, you’ll zoom through canyons...
Our Price $89.99

Field Commander Napoleon
Field Commander Napoleon is our biggest game to date, as befits the Empire, the Emperor, and his Grande Armée! The game is so massive it requires a 4" high box!


Our Price $99.99

MNB - Ship Expansion #1
This expansion adds 110 Ship cards to your Modern Naval Battles - Global Warfare game!

These cards do not require any new...

Our Price $24.99

Battle For Stalingrad
The Battle for Stalingrad lasted 200 days, from July 17, 1942 to February 2, 1943. Hitler himself had ordered the...
Our Price $39.99

Hornet Leader - Carrier Air Operations
A great video review! Thank you Marco!
Hornet review


Our Price $89.99

Modern Naval Battles - Global Warfare
Modern Naval Battles - Global Warfare is inspired by our original 1989 award winning game and its 2 expansions.

"Global War" is a redesigned...

Our Price $49.99

Down In Flames - Guns Blazing
Guns Blazing is at the Printer!

Guns Blazing is the 2nd game in the Down In Flames series. This stand-alone game adds...

Our Price $59.99

Down In Flames - Guns Blazing - Extra Decks
The card decks contained in the Down In Flames – Guns Blazing game will accommodate up to 6 players. However, if you want to...
Our Price $29.99

Field Commander - Alexander the Great

Alexander is the second game in our Field Commander series of solitaire strategy games.

The perfect...

Our Price $54.99

Down In Flames - Aces High
Down In Flames is our tactical air combat card game. It was first released back in the mid 1990’s and was again...
Our Price $59.99

Down In Flames - Aces High - Extra Decks
The card decks contained in the Down In Flames – Ace High game will accommodate up to 6 players. However, if you want to play monster air battles, this...
Our Price $19.99

Down In Flames - Card Sheets
A perfectly unique item for Down In Flames fans!

Each of the 4 card sheets is double-sided and roughly 18” by...

Our Price $9.99

Phantom Leader - Windows
This is the same fully function computer game as we have on the iPad! The game keeps track of all the rules, dice rolls, and modifiers!


Our Price $19.99

Warfighter - Combo Pack
This combo pack includes the core Warfighter game along with all three of its Expansions! Each Expansion includes...
Our Price $95.99

Command the world's best Special Forces operators and complete vital assault missions around the world!


Our Price $47.99

Tiger Leader
A design by Rick Martin. Tiger Leader follows in the tradition of Hornet Leader and Thunderbolt-Apache Leader but takes those game systems down in to the mud...
Our Price $71.99

The Cards of Cthulhu
I must warn you about a threat to our world.

Long before mankind roamed this earth, there lived great and terrible beings. Even a single of these ancient beasts...

Our Price $31.99

Huey Leader
Huey Leader puts you in the cockpits of the Vietnam War’s best Close Air Support aircraft. In Huey Leader, fly search and destroy missions to...
Our Price $71.99

The Cards of Cthulhu - Bonus Pack
The Bonus Pack has a set of 7 more Cards of Cthulhu custom dice (4 with White ink, 2 with Green ink, and 1 with Red...
Our Price $11.99

Gato Leader
“It was to the Submarine Force that I looked to carry the load until our great industrial activity could produce...
Our Price $55.99

Fleet Commander Nimitz
Fleet Commander Nimitz is the fourth game in our Commander series of solitaire games. For the first time, we take the Commander series...
Our Price $74.99

Israeli Air Force Leader
Israeli Air Force Leader (IAFL) puts you in the cockpits of the Israeli Air Force from 1948 through modern day, and into the near-future. The game...
Our Price $69.99

Global Domination

The year is 2021.

Environmental upheavals, accelerated resource depletion,...

Our Price $39.99

Frontline - Guadalcanal
Take the fight to the Pacific!

Frontline is a tactical WWII ground combat card game for 1 to 4 players. This second game in the series covers small unit action...

Our Price $47.99

U-Boat Leader
"The only thing that ever frightened me during the war was the U-Boat peril." - Winston Churchill

DVG welcomes U-Boat Leader, the...

Our Price $55.99

Hey! Look who’s here! Sit down, sit down! I gotta say a few things before they bring out the pasta. Have you ate here before? I know...
Our Price $31.99

Down In Flames - Locked-On - Extra Cards
The bundle includes the Down In Flames - Locked-On game, plus an extra set of its 220 cards.

The perfect game for...

Our Price $63.99

Down In Flames - Locked-On
Down In Flames turns on the Afterburners!

Down In Flames – Locked-On expands the game series into the jet-era. Locked-On...

Our Price $47.99

Ragnarok is Upon Us!

You gaze across the once peaceful lands as you strap on your heavy armor and...

Our Price $23.99

Modern Land Battles
Modern Land Battles (MLB) – Target Acquired uses the core game mechanics from our award-winning Modern Naval Battles...
Our Price $39.99

Field Commander Rommel Deluxe - Vassal
Field Commander Rommel Deluxe is the Vassal version of our printed game. It is only available in Vassal format,...
Our Price $24.99
Hornet Leader CAO - Vassal
Hornet Leader - Carroer Air Operations is the Vassal version of our printed game. It is only available in Vassal format, not PDF format....
Our Price $29.99
Field Commander Napoleon - Vassal
Field Commander Napoleon is the Vassal version of our printed game. It is only available in Vassal format, not PDF format. If you would like the physical format...
Our Price $29.99
Thunderbolt-Apache Leader - Vassal
Thunderbolt-Apache Leader is the Vassal version of our printed game. It is only available in Vassal format, not PDF format. If you would like...
Our Price $29.99
DIF Aces High & Guns Blazing - Vassal
Aces High and Guns Blazing are the Vassal versions of our printed game. It is only available in Vassal format, not PDF format. If you would...
Our Price $29.99
Phantom Leader - Vassal
Phantom Leader is the Vassal version of our printed game. It is only available in Vassal format, not PDF format. If you would like...
Our Price $29.99
Hornet Leader II
Hornet Leader II is based on the original award-winning design published by GMT Games back in 1991.

Like the original game, Hornet Leader II is designed from...

Our Price $14.99
Carrier Air Group
Carrier Air Group is an expansion to the Hornet Leader II game system. You must own Hornet Leader II to use this game.

This expansion adds several...

Our Price $14.99
Marine Air
Marine Air is an expansion to the Hornet Leader II game system. To use this expansion you must own Hornet Leader II. Ownership of Carrier...
Our Price $19.99
Cold War
Cold War is an expansion to the Hornet Leader II game system. To use this expansion you must own Hornet Leader II. Ownership...
Our Price $14.99
Corsair Leader
Corsair Leader takes the Leader series back to WWII!
Corsair is based on the Hornet Leader II game system, and adds many flavorful changes...

Our Price $14.99
Down In Flames WWI
This product now combines all the material from the previous 2 games.

The Core Game…


Our Price $29.99
Special Forces
Special Forces is an easy to learn, fast-paced modern day board game. The game is extremely tactical with each counter representing...
Our Price $14.99
Star Force Terra
Congratulations Commander on your promotion. As you know, commanding a war fleet requires training. This manual will provide you with all the basic rules of space...
Our Price $9.99
Earth Gone Mad!
The Mayan calendar is one of the oldest and most accurate calendar systems in human history. Using no more than their knowledge of the Earth, Sun, and stars, the Mayans...
Our Price $9.99
Down In Flames Dragons!
Down In Flames Dragons takes the Down In Flames series of tactical card games to a whole new genre, fantasy!


Our Price $12.99
Football Frenzy
Football Frenzy is an easy to play strategy football game. You don’t need to know how to play football to play! You get to call plays just like the...
Our Price $7.99
Down with the Empire!
Down with the Empire is a game that uses a common theme of science-fiction sagas: A Stellar Empire that has gone rotten, and a rebellion that rises to bring it down.


Our Price $19.99

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